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Digital Riots is an international film & video production house company based in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Josef G. Rios is the founder & creative director force behind every project from inception to the final cut.

Every day at Digital Riots we work hard to earn your trust by creating and producing the most engagement fresh content you need, to capture your audience attention and shine on like a crazy diamond. Ensuring we have the best crew & gear that can assure your production shoot to run on time and on budget, treating every customer like a close friend.




Josef G. Rios was born and raised in Acapulco, but now is based in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. For the past 15 years he has worked as a Creative Director, Producer & Filmmaker on film / video production for brands, artists and media companies in Mexico, UK and USA.

His love for music and football landed him in Manchester, England, a trip that inspired him and change his life forever.

A rebel with a camera, that has been supporting local artists bringing their music ideas into music videos and at the same time working with big artist companies like Cirque du Soleil giving him the best of both worlds to get the balance right.

His constant love & passion for culture, make him find stories that keep inspiring his clients and the audience, getting the most of it, always visualizing new exciting projects to come.

ADRIAN IBARRA Photographer


Adrian Ibarra was born and raised in Mexico City, he always felt attracted to the film & arts culture. He found his passion for photography at an early age, where he started to learn & practice his style to maximize his natural vision on his own language, that can translated into beautiful images. After a few years in the suburbia life, he decided to explore new opportunities to continue his career into the world of photography. He’d traveled many countries and that experiences shape him to create a multifaceted perspective. Then after he decided to settle down in the Mexican Caribbean to perfect his art craft.

During this time he was involved in several projects in between and looking forward to expand his creativity he like to use diverse resources to get the best possible outcome to always exceed our clients expectations.

He took his passion into new highs and other areas like Aerial Photography to become a Drone pilot & an AI creator for mentions some of them.

His photography has reach different areas like Glamour, Fashion, Lifestyle, Nature, Travels, Weddings, Social and Private Events, Food & Beverages, Architecture, Aerial, Panoramic & Landscaping, Underwater, AI creations and more.


Art Director


Pau Vargas was born and raised in Acapulco, she is natural attracted by design. She found her passion for Interior Design when she decided to study Architecture of Interior & Ambient in Mexico City. She was part of CNA creating sets for different theater projects and craft her vision, when she collaborate with her peers like actors, producers, choreographers and directors. She’ve learnt from the best at the top of their game. She took a high risk when she moved to Riviera Maya in 2013 on the search for a better life opportunity. She landed on works as an Interior Designer and Architecture for companies like Casa Latina & Hotel Shops in Cancún. Where she was in charge of design local and international stores for this corporative big Mexican company.

She’ve hustled her own design project called «Mahalo» while she was working on big projects in Cancún. Until she decided to put heart & soul into her independent company & became one of the pioneers in Macrame technique production for boutique hotels in Tulum and Playa.

She’ve started to collaborated with Josef G. rios on create art content from music videos to photo shoots, becoming a key member as an Art Director & Production Assistant on many projects through the past 9 years. She gets her inspiration from the beautiful colors of the mayan jungle and the Caribbean turquoise ocean.

She has a great esthetic to set the moods and looks for what’s best on frame. Her constant search for perfection is what make her special, making her a valuable member of our team.

Behind the Scenes